Engel Cooler Reviews

When it comes to choosing a high-performance cooler, many different solutions are available in the market. Here at CoolerHunt, we’ve experimented with a number of different models from various manufacturers. However, there are numerous variances, but surprisingly there are certain similarities among them. In rotomolded coolers, your ice will be preserved for about seven days. In contrast, a conventional cooler usually lasts for 1-2 days.

Out of so many different brands, Engel is one of the renowned manufacturers in the cooler industry. They have been in business since 1962. With over 50 years in business, you can trust Engel’s product, as well as its quality. However, all of their coolers are not built equally.

In this Engel cooler review, we will be showing you the features, benefits, and problems of Engel coolers. After that, we will rate Engel coolers based on our internal evaluation system. We strongly believe that our review will help you determine whether you should invest in Engel coolers or not.

Let’s get into it:

In this review, we will focus on Engel’s hard-sided rotomolded coolers.

Engel Cooler Review

Engel specializes in outdoor adventure-oriented high-performance coolers, particularly for hunting, fishing, and camping. As a result, they use high-quality materials with a comprehensive construction process.

The High-Performance Cooler line is designed for individuals seeking a high-performance, durable, and long-lasting cooling solution for their outdoor trips. They are all made using roto-molding, which makes them incredibly durable. To help maximize the ice life, these coolers are enclosed by a 2-inch thick layer of polyurethane insulation.

Engel High Performance Cooler Lineup

Engel offers a wide variety of coolers ranging from small 25 quart to large 320 quart in their High-Performance cooler lineup. So, no matter what type of cooler you are searching for, Engel is likely to have one that is just right for your requirement. If you’re looking for something to put your lunch in or if you’re arranging a family gathering for 50 people, they’ve got it covered.

While writing this review, we found around 11 different sizes of rotomolded coolers in Engel’s store. Those are – ENG25, ENG35, ENG45, ENG50, ENG65, ENG80, ENG85, ENG123, ENG165, ENG240, and ENG320. Take a look at the quick summary of Engel’s hard rotomolded coolers:

ModelDimensionsWeightQuartsCapacityBuy Now
ENG2520 3/4″ x 14 1/2″ x 14″17 Lbs21 Qts18 12oz CansView Product
ENG3525 1/2″ x 15″ x 15 1/4″22 Lbs35 Qts36 12oz CansView Product
ENG4527″ x 18″ x 14″26 Lbs48 Qts40 12oz Cans
ENG5024 1/4″ x 17 1/2″ x 18 1/4″24 Lbs 48 Qts50 12oz CansView Product
ENG6529 1/2″ x 17″ x 16 1/2″24 Lbs58 Qts70 12oz CansView Product
ENG8034 1/2″ x 16 1/2″ x 17 1/2″32 Lbs74 Qts75 12oz CansView Product
ENG8532 1/2″ x 18 3/4″ x 17″35 Lbs76 Qts80 12oz Cans
ENG12342″ x 18 3/4″ x 18″42 Lbs108 Qts100 12oz CansView Product
ENG16547 1/2″ x 19 1/4″ 22 3/4″58 Lbs167 Qts204 12oz CansView Product
ENG24052 1/2″ x 22 1/2″ x 22″67 Lbs230 Qts274 12oz Cans
ENG32062 1/2″ x 22 1/2 x 22 3/492.25 Lbs293 Qts375 12oz CansView Product
Data Source: Engel’s website

In addition to these, Engel also manufactures portable dry boxes. Currently, they have 4 different sizes of portable dry box coolers in their store:

ModelDimensionsWeightQuartsCapacityBuy Now
Engel UC712.25 x 8 x 10 inches2.5 Pounds7.5 Qts8 12oz CansView Product
Engel UC1315 x 10 x 11.5 inches2.5 Pounds13 Qts18 12oz CansView Product
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Engel UC1916.75 x 11 x 12.75 inches5.5 Pounds19 Qts30 12oz CansView Product
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Engel UC3019 x 12.5 x 14.25 inches7 Pounds30 Qts48 12oz CansView Product
Data Source: Engel’s website

Whichever size you choose, you can rest assured that it will maintain the Engel quality for which they have become famous. Additionally, each size is meticulously crafted to ensure the finest possible performance.

The range of sizes with well-designed shapes allows you to maximize the number of objects you can store while minimizing the amount of free space that is available where you can’t store extra items.

A very distressing experience is when you’ve prepared your cooler well in advance for a long weekend getaway or tailgating, only to discover that you don’t have enough capacity to store those last few drinks or food items, despite having more space at the top of the cooler.

Using Engel, your chances of experiencing this are significantly reduced, and you stand a much greater chance of taking advantage of the entire volume that a given cooler size has to offer. For example – The Engle 65 High-Performance cooler comes with an internal dimension of 23 1/2″ x 11 1/2″ x 12″ and a capacity of holding 58 quarts. This is good enough for any small or medium family.

Ice Retention Capacity

According to Engel, their rotomolded coolers can keep ice for up to 10 days before melting. So it’s perfect for those extra-long camping and hunting expeditions. A longer-lasting ice supply reduces the amount of money and time spent on purchasing and transporting new bags of ice.

Having longer ice retention helps you get more time to enjoy the outdoors instead of constantly being concerned about your cooler. Since the ice holding capacity of a cooler depends on several factors, the ice retention time of Engel coolers will vary based on their size.

Based on real customer reviews, here’s a quick summary of how long each Engel cooler can hold ice during any outdoor trip:

ModelCapacityApproximate Ice Retention Time (Hours)
ENG2521 Qts / 18 12oz Cans30+ hours
ENG3535 Qts / 36 12oz Cans48+ hours
ENG4548 Qts / 40 12oz Cans48+ hours
ENG5048 Qts / 50 12oz Cans50+ hours
ENG6558 Qts / 70 12oz Cans60+ hours
ENG8074 Qts / 75 12oz Cans75+ hours
ENG8576 Qts / 80 12oz Cans80+ hours
ENG123108 Qts / 100 12oz Cans100+ hours
ENG165167 Qts / 204 12oz Cans140+ hours
ENG240230 Qts / 274 12oz Cans160+ hours
ENG320293 Qts / 375 12oz Cans170+ hours

From the above table, you can see that the amount of time your ice will last depends on the size of the cooler you choose. However, they all perform well, though, and should be able to hold their own against the majority of other high-end brands.

What’s the secret behind this ice retention capacity?

The key to this extended ice life is both in the construction and the components of the cooler. The shell is made of thick roto-molded plastic. In addition, a thick silicone gasket is used to create the necessary squeeze between the lid and the body of the case. Finally, heavy-duty clamps are utilized to apply the necessary force to the gaskets in order to seal them.

Roto-molded coolers are the toughest coolers in the industry. Since Engel uses rotomolded construction in all of their high-performance coolers, they are extremely tough and durable. These coolers are widely popular because of their high-quality construction and the high-performance materials that they employ in their products. We’ll go into more depth about this process below:

Rotomolded Construction

All Engel High-performance coolers are made of roto-molded construction. This kind of construction results in a continuous, linear wall, which helps to minimize weak places through which cold air can escape. Additionally, it gives these coolers a notable level of toughness. The roto-molded procedure is more expensive and time-consuming, but, the results are undeniably impressive.

The conventional type of cooler is typically constructed from several individual parts and these parts have to be joined with the use of a conventional process such as melting the plastic ends. This results in stress risers, or weak areas in the cooler shell that are frequently the first to shatter and eventually fail.

A one-piece design eliminates this problem. It also provides a great deal of flexibility in terms of the design and incorporated features that the cooler can have.

2 Inch Thick Walls on All Sides!

All Engel cooler comes with 2 inches thick polyurethane insulation. While that’s impressive, it’s worth mentioning that they are 2-inch thick on all sides, including the lid. Other brands may say that their walls are quite thick, but don’t let you know where the thickness is limited. Surprisingly, Engel has done this better than its competitors.

engel rotomolded cooler thickness

You won’t get better ice retention performance from your cooler if some of the walls are thick and others are thin. This is because the cold air will pass through the thin sections and results in melting the ice faster.

With Engel, you can rest assured that you have nothing to worry about. However, the increased ice life that you get is worth the added volume to the cooler dimensions.

ArcticVault Gasket

Engel uses ArcticVault Gasket which creates an airtight seal between the lid and the body. The thickness and material of the cooler walls are not good enough if the lid and the body aren’t properly sealed. Engel’s ArcticVault Gasket ensures a perfect seal that doesn’t leak and provides the best performance over time.

With this food-grade silicone gasket, you can rest assured that the door will always close tightly, allowing for better insulation against the cold and the hot air to enter and exit. It is durable enough to withstand normal wear and tear without developing cracks that would enable air to enter.

Features and Functionalities

Engel coolers are built to withstand even the hardest conditions for years on end. If a premium cooler only lasts for one season or two trips to the beach, what is the point? Its level of toughness has been achieved by the use of many proprietary production elements and unique characteristics.

engel cooler design features and functionalities

In addition to the sturdy build and improved cooling ability that all Engel coolers provide, they also incorporate helpful features and accessories that make the use of their coolers much simpler and more pleasurable. While it’s true that Engel Coolers doesn’t offer quite as many distinctive features as some of the expensive products on the market, they do have their own uses.

Let’s discuss more about these features and functionalities:

TruHold Lid

Engel uses TruHold lids in all of their hard coolers. It has a robust reinforced non-skid surface that allows you to sit or even stand on it without damaging it. Taking a look at some older coolers that have been in use for a long time, you will often notice that the lids have begun to sink in, either as a result of people sitting on them or through normal wear and tear. The TruHold lid will eliminate this problem.

Anvil Hinge

The hinge is considered one of the most important components of a cooler. Similarly, this is one of the most common weak points for many coolers. Why? If the hinge fails, the cooler will not open and close properly. The cooler that is unable to open or close properly and produces a good seal will not help you keep ice frozen for a long time.

Surprisingly, Engel did a fantastic job with its hinge. They have implemented a self-stopping mechanism to the full-length hinge. This self-stopping and the full length is up to the challenge and can withstand years of usage. Additionally, it is intended to prevent someone from attempting to open the lid from a position that is too far back.

I-BEAM Lid Inserts

When it comes to larger coolers, there can be a significant amount of space between one wall and another. In the absence of reinforcement, cooler walls can dip and sag over time, which can negatively impact performance, not to mention the fact that it is aesthetically unappealing! Engel has added I-beams that run the entire length of the cooler cover, which is a common feature in many structures.

In addition, it aids in reinforcing and increases the product’s ability to withstand the substantial weight it must bear, which includes both inside things and prospective individuals standing or sitting on top of it. It also serves as an additional layer of protection in the event that the cooler is unintentionally pushed over or dropped.

Unity Latches

A problem frequently found in low-end coolers is the latches. Most people will avoid paying a high price for excellent quality and instead go for a cheap plastic latch that may crack, distort, and eventually break off. Like the hinge, latches are also an important part of a cooler. When it fails, you can’t use your cooler anymore. Instead of using plastic latches, Engel uses recessed marine grade adjustable draw latches that include stainless steel hardware, allowing you to use them as a bottle opener.

You can open and close your cooler as many times as you’d want without having to worry about it breaking. It’s both strong and convenient, but in spite of that, it’s still quite simple to open and close the latches. We will give Engel a 5 out of 5 for developing this kind of latches.

Cornerstone Feet

The Cornerstone feet are non-skid and non-marking raised feet that are placed on the bottom of the coolers. There are a handful of advantages of these Cornerstone feet. One of which is – it prevents the majority of the cooler base from making direct contact with the surface, which can help to reduce the likelihood of scraping and abrasions when the cooler is moved.

Coolers that use hard plastic and metal can sometimes cause surface damage. This problem can be solved by lifting the base of the cooler off the ground. In addition, lifting the base off the ground can increase the ice retention time because the ground itself is a tremendous source of heat transfer.

DuoLock Security Holes

Each Engel cooler comes with a DuoLock Security hole which is a fantastic feature. You can use this simple function to secure the cooler’s lid to the base with a padlock. So, if you have valuable food products in your cooler this will be a very useful feature for you.

Flick Drain Plug

You need to clean the cooler after every outdoor trip. Sadly, draining a cooler that has become clogged with melting ice can be a time-consuming task. But wait. Here’s something special from Engel. Each Engel cooler is equipped with a Flick drain plug that is patented and makes emptying the water simple, quick and hassle-free.


Engel coolers are expensive, although they are often less expensive than other high-end brands on the market. Despite the fact that there is no such thing as a “cheap” quality cooler, this one fits into that category. Engel’s straightforward approach pays nicely here. When the price is lowered, they become a more enticing choice.


When a corporation stands behind its product, it is a solid sign that the product is dependable. Warranty periods in this industry, in particular, are often far longer than we are accustomed to seeing. Some companies provide warranties as short as three years, while others provide lifetime coverage. Surprisingly, Engel offers a 10-years warranty for their hard rotomolded coolers. This is undoubtedly a fantastic feature of this cooler.


In terms of utility and ice retention, Engel coolers are one of the best choices. They manage to maintain some of the longest ice retention times we’ve encountered.

They’re functional, but they don’t come with many extra features. So, you may need to spend extra money on buying additional accessories.

Engel coolers are substantially less expensive than many premium coolers. So we think this is a reasonable compromise for slightly lower ice performance and fewer features overall.

The build quality of the Engel hard cooler is excellent, and these are exceptionally durable coolers. Though they are a little simple in appearance, that shouldn’t a significant concern.

Overall, Engel coolers are an excellent purchase if you want something straightforward that does its job well. Your food and drinks will remain cold for a week, and your buy will last for many years, even if it is subjected to be used in extreme conditions.

Also, the Engel coolers are the best choice if you aren’t concerned with features such as pressure-release valves, wheels, built-in bottle openers, or an abundance of flashy colors. People who are just seeking a cooler that will function effectively at a competitive price will find these coolers to be an excellent choice as well.

That brings our Engel Cooler Review to an end. We hope this article was beneficial in assisting you in selecting the perfect cooler for your needs. If you have any prior experience with Engel coolers, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Engel High Performance Cooler

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Ice Retention


The Engel high-performance cooler scores 4.5 out of 5. These coolers come with tough rotomolded construction, great insulation ability, a wide variety of sizes, and a reasonable price.

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