Dometic Cooler Reviews

Dometic has proven to be a noteworthy cooler brand in our evaluations. With core competencies in powered and electric coolers, they have recently expanded their portfolio to include non-powered variants.

The contrast between powered coolers and non-powered coolers is quite distinct. Powered coolers can maintain items at a lower temperature for extended periods of time, making them far more efficient than ice-powered alternatives. However, access to the appropriate power source is essential for these coolers to function. Additionally, powered coolers tend to be more expensive than other models.

This Dometic Cooler Review will explore some of the most prevalent models available on the market. We will assess the non-electrical versions of the coolers, subjecting them to the same testing regimen as our ice-powered cooler models.

By reviewing the information provided, you can determine whether a Dometic Cooler is suitable for your needs. Furthermore, you may be encouraged or discouraged from opting for one of their powered coolers.

Dometic Cooler Lineup

Our selection of Dometic coolers offers options for both powered and non-powered models. The following section contains the most relevant specifications and other useful information to help you make an informed decision quickly.

Dometic’s cooler lineup has been divided into two distinct categories – powered and non-powered. Within the powered cooler selection, there are various sub-categories that will be outlined in the following section:

Powered Coolers

In this section, we will provide an overview of the models available from Dometic. For detailed information on the features and benefits of a particular series or product, please refer to the corresponding review.

In this section, we will provide an overview of the models available from Dometic. For detailed information on the features and benefits of a particular series or product, please refer to the corresponding review.

Dometic CF Series

The Dometic CF series is an ideal solution for those on-the-go, providing portability and convenience. The CFX model is designed for easy transportation while the CF model is perfect for campers and tailgaters, featuring comfortable shoulder straps and a slim profile. Lightweight yet durable, the CF series is an excellent choice for any outdoor activity.

Despite its sleek and portable design, the Dometic cooler lineup offers a variety of options. From the 18-liter CF 18 to the 106-liter CF 110, you can find a model that fits your needs.

The CF unit is characterized by its highly efficient performance, as it is able to chill beverages quickly with its turbo function while using minimal power. Additionally, the convenience of interior lights is included with all CF units.

The CF product line offers seven models to choose from 18, 25, 35, 40, 50, 80, and 110. Depending on the size of the model, the capacity ranges from 23 to 144 cans.

dometic cf series coolers

Dometic CFX Series

The Dometic CFX Series has been developed to provide reliable and efficient cooling performance in confined spaces such as vehicles. This range of compression refrigerators is ideal for long-distance road trips, camping trips, and other outdoor activities. The CFX Series is equipped with both an AC and DC outlet, allowing flexibility when powering the cooler.

The CFX Series from Dometic offers an extensive range of powered cooler models, currently comprising 12 options: CFX 28, 35W, 40W, 50W, 65W, 65DZ, 75DZW, 75DZWSE, 95DZW, 100W, etc. It is the broadest selection of cooler sizes in Dometic’s Powered Cooler Series.

The naming system for these models may seem daunting at first, but it is quite straightforward. The “CFX” designation indicates the model type, followed by a number that approximately corresponds to the storage capacity in quarts.

However, It is essential to keep in mind that these coolers are electric-powered, thus eliminating the need to fill them with ice as traditional coolers require. This provides an opportunity to fit a greater quantity of food/drinks within them. For example, the CFX 95DZ model from Dometic can hold up to 95 liters or 133 cans.

The numbers that follow indicate whether a particular feature is enabled. A ‘W’ indicates that temperature can be controlled and monitored with a WiFi application; ‘DZ’ indicates dual storage zones, and ‘SE’ indicates a special edition color.

Dometic CFF Series

The CFF Series builds upon the success of the CFX Series, offering enhanced cooling performance and improved interior storage efficiency. This makes the Dometic CFF Coolers ideal for long-term use and in locations where items need to be quickly cooled. However, this comes at the cost of some sacrifices. This does come at the cost of decreased energy efficiency and comes with power cables rather than power cords.

The CFF Series lineup offers two models for selection: the Dometic CFF 35 and the CFF 45. Both come with generous internal storage capacities of 34.3 and 43.5 liters, respectively.

Dometic Patrol Series Coolers

Dometic’s latest line of hard-sided coolers, the Patrol Series, has been designed with freedom lovers in mind. The collection is named accordingly, with the intention of providing users with the ultimate outdoor experience.

Dometic Patrol Series coolers come in four sizes: Patrol 20, Patrol 35, Patrol 55, and Patrol 105. These capacities roughly correspond to the number of liters of storable contents.

The Patrol Coolers range in size and all models feature the same design elements with the exception of the overhead carrying handle on the Patrol 20. We will discuss the features in greater detail in the following section.

Features of Dometic Powered Cooler

Dometic Powered Coolers boasts an array of advantageous features, ranging from exclusive offerings to widely-available options.

Enhanced Compressor

The CFX models feature up-to-date and enhanced compressor electronics to provide superior cooling efficiency. With as low as 0.74 Ah/h power consumption, you can rest assured that your items will stay chilled with minimal energy expenditure.

powerful compressor of dometic cooler

Various Power Connection Options

The Dometic Powered cooler comes with various power connection options. Some models are equipped to accommodate both AC and DC power sources. So, no matter what power source you have, these coolers can be connected to a cigarette lighter, car battery, home power line, or generator to ensure your items are kept chilled.

Impact and Scratch-Resistant Design

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that these coolers are crafted from durable polymer walls, providing excellent impact and scratch resistance, despite any initial concerns about the electronics and internal workings making them fragile.

The Dometic Powered Cooler is designed to be resilient to the typical wear and tear encountered on a road or camping trip, though it does not have the same level of toughness as the YETI rotomolded cooler.

Increased Storage Capacity

Dometic has refined the design of its coolers to offer increased storage capacity. According to their findings, users can now enjoy up to 60% more space with the same exterior dimensions. This makes it possible to store more drinks, food, and other items with ease.

dometic powered cooler storage capacity

Dynamic Battery Protection System

The CFX Premiere Line features a 3-stage dynamic battery protection system, designed to automatically shut off the cooler to protect the car starter battery from becoming depleted. This system is engineered to adjust its settings as needed to maximize car battery performance. Furthermore, this innovative system provides effective protection to ensure the longevity of the battery.

Digital Display

The digital display is highly legible and user-friendly. Furthermore, the associated phone application is straightforward yet customizable, adding an extra layer of convenience to the ice chest’s operation. We appreciate the increased versatility this feature affords.

smart display

Integrated LED Lights

The LED light inside certain powered models can help you quickly and easily find items you need in the dark. This eliminates the need to fumble around, allowing you to quickly grab your desired item. Additionally, dividers and baskets are available, making it easier to organize and find items within the product.

Dual-zone Capability

The Dometic Coolers with the “DZ” label features a dual-zone capability, allowing for separate temperature settings in the two compartments.

Are you looking for a refrigerator with two distinct zones – one to keep meats frozen and the other to keep drinks and cheeses cold? If so, the dual-zone models are the perfect solution for you.

Downsides of Dometic Powered Coolers

Heavy Weight

The primary downside to powered coolers (especially larger models) is the increased weight compared to traditional coolers filled with ice.

While the absence of ice can provide more room for food and beverages, this does not necessarily mean a weight reduction.

Dometic has designed adjustable carrying handles for convenient and comfortable transport, allowing users to carry the cooler on their own or with a partner. For heavier coolers, however, we strongly suggest enlisting the help of a friend or colleague, as the weight of the cooler, combined with its contents, can be very heavy.

However, if you require a more compact and efficient option without compromising performance, the CC and CDF models from Dometic are your best bet. These models have thinner walls and a simplified design, resulting in a lighter overall weight.

Only 2 Years Warranty

This can be another downside of Dometic powered cooler. The company is offering only 2 years warranty for their powered (CFX Series) cooler. However, this limited warranty is understandable due to the cost of repairing and replacing the electric components and parts.

The CFX3 series cooler comes with a 5-year warranty which is a great thing about Dometic powered cooler.

Features of Dometic Patrol Cooler

The Patrol lineup of coolers offered by Dometic boasts a range of features and accessories that are sure to please modern and premium cooler enthusiasts.

Rotomolded PE Construction

These coolers are crafted with the same rotomolded polyethylene construction used in the highest-grade coolers. The one-piece design creates an exceptionally durable outer shell that is resistant to damage and scratches. Moreover, these cooler provides superior ice retention capabilities.

Thick Wall

The wall thickness of the Patrol series cooler is typically around two inches, providing an optimal balance between performance and portability. This is a satisfactory measurement for most models.

High-Grade Stainless Steel

In order to maximize performance, all metal components are constructed of high-grade stainless steel. This metal is renowned for its superior resistance to rust and corrosion, a benefit not found in many other materials used in lower-end coolers.

Freezer-Grade Gasket

The lid and body of this model are joined together by a standard freezer-grade gasket. This flat-faced gasket creates an effective seal when it is compressed in the channel on the lid, aided by the secure closing force of the latches. This ensures a reliable seal which helps to maintain the cold temperature inside the cooler.

dometic cooler freezer grade gasket

Strong Latches

The Dometic Patrol 20, 35, 55, and 75 all come equipped with two rubber latches on the front face of the ice chest to ensure a secure closure. For added security, the largest model, the Dometic Patrol 105, has three latches.

dometic cooler latches

These latches have similar functionality to those of other rubber latches employed by several manufacturers; however, they deviate in their form, as they do not possess the usual T configuration.

The functionality of these products allows for simple one-handed detachment and attachment, making them particularly useful when attempting to open a cooler lid with only one hand.

Easy Transportation

Moving on to transportation and handling, the Dometic Patrol 20, the smallest of the coolers, is equipped with an overhead carrying handle, which is a typical feature for an ice chest of its size, as it is usually handled by a single individual.

dometic cooler carrying handle

Premium coolers typically come with side-carrying rope handles that feature rubber grips for extra comfort. To make carrying easier, we recommend finding a buddy to help share the load. This way, you can both comfortably transport the cooler with less effort.

7-Year Warranty

Dometic patrol coolers come with a 7-year factory warranty, which may not match the lifetime warranties of other competitors in the market, but it is still a guarantee of a high-quality product with a long-term lifespan.

Other Features

This ice chest is designed with a high-flow drain port on the side for efficient water drainage. It also features non-skid feet and embedded front sections to provide an enhanced grip while opening and closing the lid. Additionally, an internal basket is included.

drain point

Downsides of Dometic Patrol Cooler

Not Grizzly Bear Certified

This can be a notable downside of the Dometic Patrol series cooler. These coolers are not certified bear-resistant. However, although their ice chests have not been Grizzly Bear Certified, we are confident they would pass the test. This is because of the quality of production and materials used in manufacturing these coolers.

Missing Features

Many premium cooler brands offer similar features as standard. Recently, some have begun to innovate with additional features such as built-in fish rulers, internal dividers, LED lights, cup holders, etc.

Unfortunately, Dometic does not currently offer any of the extra features mentioned. However, they do have a selection of accessories available for purchase, such as tie-down kits and a built-in dock. We look forward to the possibility of these helpful accessories being included in the Dometic products in the future.

Ice Retention Capacity

For our ice retention evaluation, we will be concentrating on Dometic’s non-powered Patrol Coolers. These coolers are designed for use without the aid of an integrated compressor or thermoelectric unit.

The ice retention time of these coolers is highly competitive, with some models offering up to a week of life expectancy. Thanks to the thick insulation and superior gasket sealing technology, even the lowest-end models offer a minimum of two days of ice life.

Design & Visual Appeal

When it comes to reliability, Dometic coolers – both powered and traditional – are sure to meet expectations. However, when it comes to design, Dometic appears to take a more conservative approach.

This is a little disappointing that the range of color options is limited. The only color scheme to choose from is an off-white/gray top section and a black bottom section. This uniform color scheme is applied across all of their powered coolers.

The current range of colors available for the Dometic Patrol Cooler is also limited to white only. However, the Dometic CFX 75DZW is a unique offering in this category, featuring a power-assisted cooler with an all-black design.

Usually, brands nowadays provide customers with multiple color options. So, we are a little disappointed by the limited number of available color choices.

Another disappointing thing is – Dometic does not provide any options for custom decals or logos.

However, these coolers are certainly aesthetically pleasing, with a professional shape and a unique latching system. We appreciate the small, yet meaningful, details that set these apart from other brands. It’s clear that these coolers mean business.

Price of Dometic Cooler

Dometic Powered coolers are equipped with an array of internal components and features, resulting in a higher price point than most traditional coolers. Therefore, our focus will be on the pricing of these coolers.

The Dometic hard-sided coolers (Patrol series cooler) come with a premium price tag. However, they remain competitively priced compared to other ice chests with similar capabilities.

Although they are not as cost-effective as more economical premium models such as YETI, they will still be significantly less expensive than other more expensive brands such as Grizzy and Engel.

At present, these models provide excellent value for money in terms of ice retention and durability. However, they are limited in terms of features and amenities. Those seeking more comprehensive specifications may want to consider upmarket models with a higher price tag.

Where to Buy Dometic Coolers?

Dometic coolers are sold globally, offering customers the convenience of finding their nearest dealer with the click of a button. Their website provides a simple process for locating the desired cooler, allowing users to input their address and view a list of the closest dealers. This is a unique service compared to other cooler brands, which typically require purchasers to manually search for local retailers.

If you find the process of finding a dealer near your location difficult, consider buying on Amazon. Several sellers offer the full range of Dometic coolers, and you can take advantage of Amazon’s conveniences in the process.

Verdict – Should you Buy Dometic Coolers?

We were eager to experience Dometic’s line of non-powered coolers, and our initial impressions were positive. It was clear that they had devoted considerable attention to the quality of construction and insulation, with encouraging results.

Dometic Patrol Coolers are an excellent purchase, however, they can be enhanced with the addition of more features and color options. If these changes can be made while maintaining a competitive price point, the coolers will be a surefire success.

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