How to Store a Cooler When Not in Use?

Most people don’t think about it, but storing a cooler when not in use is one of the effective ways to make the cooler last longer. When not in use, it is important to store a cooler properly in order to avoid any unwanted damage. A poorly stored cooler could lead to damage to it, so it may not last as long or look as good as it should. In this article, we will talk about how to store a cooler when not in use.

Quick Summary

When storing a cooler make sure to clean it thoroughly inside and out and leave it to completely dry. Store the cooler in a cool and shady area. Make sure, it never goes to the direct sunlight and exposure to the elements.

Why Should you Store your Cooler Properly?

Coolers are the ultimate tool for keeping food and drinks cold during any outdoor trip. But just because you have a cooler doesn’t mean that you should store it improperly. If you don’t know how to store a cooler properly when not in use, then you could risk ruining it. How?

  • Storing a cooler for a long time may cause moisture and mildew inside it. This may lead to making your cooler stink which ultimately leads to a horrible experience on your next outdoor trip.
  • Sometimes, if you store your cooler in a random place, you may find that it is leaking or has some kind of problem. You may also find that it doesn’t work very well anymore.

The only solution to these problems is to store the cooler properly after every outdoor trip. Luckily, storing a cooler properly isn’t rocket science. A little bit of maintenance goes a long way and there are some additional steps that you need to consider in order to protect your cooler from any unwanted damage and keep it in new condition as long as you want.

Followings are the steps you need to follow to store your cooler properly after having an outdoor trip:

Clean the Cooler Properly

The first step is to clean the cooler properly. When you return home from a camping or adventure trip, you should take the time to give your cooler a thorough cleaning.

Sometimes food or drink or even little bits of water left inside the cooler for a long time can all grow into something dangerous for your health. This is why you need to clean the cooler properly.

cleaning a cooler before storing it

Before you start cleaning your cooler, make sure it’s empty and completely clean including the inside walls of the cooler, or else you’ll risk disturbing old flavors or other odors that could taint your recipe. We recommend using dish soap with warm water to clean both the outside and inside walls before rinsing the entire thing thoroughly with fresh water.

Dry the Cooler

Moisture is the main enemy when storing a cooler for a long time, which means you need to keep it as dry as possible to minimize the growth of mold.

This means you should dry your cooler perfectly after cleaning it, ensuring that there is no excess water left on the inside of the lid.

Dry both the inside and outside of the cooler with a sponge, cloth, or paper towel. To ensure that there is no moisture remaining after storage, allow it to dry thoroughly by leaving it open outside in the sun for a couple of hours.

Seal the Lid Properly

Sealing the cooler is not mandatory but we recommend sealing it properly after drying. Usually, the cooler lid comes with rubber gaskets that prevent any airflow or moisture from getting into the cooler. This way, you can completely avoid the growth of moisture and mold inside your cooler.

Store the Cooler in Dry Area

After drying and sealing the lid, it’s time to store the cooler in a dry area. While storing it in a dry area, you need to keep it out of the heat as much as possible and maintain a consistent temperature. Some ideal space for storing your cooler may be in the basement or garage.

how to store a cooler

Another important thing is – you should keep the cooler off the ground. This is because the floor can become moist at any time and this will impact a lot on the cooler. So, make sure you store it on a shelf and keep it away from the floor.

Wrap the Cooler Using Paper or Cloth

Finally, we recommend wrapping the cooler with paper or cloth. This ensures that your cooler stays neat a clean for as long as you store it.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, if you want to store your cooler when not in use, then it’s best to store it in an area that has a warm temperature. You should also make sure that the cooler is placed in a dry environment. Don’t forget to clean it properly and dry it before storing for a long period of time.

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