Cooler Sizes

If you are ever in the market for buying a portable cooler, you probably noticed that there are various types of coolers and ice chests available to choose from. You will find both hard and soft-sided coolers in a wide variety of sizes. The size of hard coolers is usually measured by quarts. How much food and drinks item a cooler can hold mostly depends on its quart size.

Since there are various sizes of coolers available on the market, it’s quite challenging for anyone to choose the perfect size for their requirement. This is why we put together a collection of various sizes of coolers so that you can easily choose the perfect one for your upcoming outdoor trip.

Different Sizes of Coolers

SizeCapacityPrice RangeOur Review
10 Quart
16 Quart
20 Quart
24 Quart
25 Quart
26 Quart
28 Quart
30 Quart
35 Quart30 – 40 cans$100 – $250Read our Review
40 Quart
45 Quart
48 Quart
50 Quart50 – 80 cans$100 – $450Read our Review
52 Quart
60 Quart
70 Quart
75 Quart50 – 140 Cans$50 – $500Read our Review
100 Quart120 – 160 Cans$50 – $500Read our Review
120 Quart
150 Quart140 – 250 Cans$140 – $700Read our Review
250 Quart$800 – $1200Read our Review
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